On the hunt to advance your career? Email for a free one page critique of your resume, cover letters, or other career search documents by a retail professional with nearly two decades of experience as a hiring manager and trainer.

No cost at all. If the feedback is helpful, all I ask is that you leave me a recommendation and consider making a small donation to the D.B.S.A. or R. A.I.N.N. Even a dollar helps these great causes, but feel no pressure if you’re not in the position to do so now.

If the feedback resonates with you and you would like further help with learning to best market yourself, re-write your resume, or level up your leadership potential, I offer customized consultations that start with a phone call to discuss your unique needs and aspirations.

My specialties are retail, leadership, and service based industries, but I offer a track record of successes in a variety of other fields. I support both job seekers and those seeking development of their skills to advance their career in their current company.

Examples of leadership and advancement training include first time leaders, store and district managers struggling or seeking to go from good to great, and single store operators looking to make the leap from store to multi-unit leadership. During our initial call we can candidly discuss if I am truly equipped to get you what you need. Rates in this arena are on a case by case basis to meet your unique needs

Typically my job search services run $200 to include resume and cover letter feedback and re-writes, interview prep including a mock interview with feedback if desired, and targeted prep and guidance to land the interview AND the job.

That said, I understand that not everyone is in a position to afford the services they need, since in many cases that is part of why they are on the job hunt. Don’t let that be a barrier to getting the professional support you need!

If you are unemployed or underemployed, I offer ‘pay it forward’ options on a case by case basis where those in need can still receive services at a price they can afford along with an honor system commitment to pay the difference or donate it to charity (again, D.B.S.A. or R.A.I.N.N.) once they are better equipped to do so.

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to to discuss how I can help.