Brewed Hope Coaching – Pay It Forward Special

Brewed Hope Coaching, previously People Before Product, is a side-arm of Brewed Hope for job seekers and career growth-minded individuals with an emphasis on teaching sustainable skills and giving back to those in need of mental health support or other critical needs.

I am currently running a Pay It Forward coaching special, with a twist of a guarantee.

Brewed Hope Coaching’s job seeker prep program will donate one free consultation to someone in true need for every session purchased at the already discounted rate of $100.

In addition, there is a satisfaction guarantee that if for any reason you do not feel you received enough value from your investment, the full cost will be donated to your choice of the DBSA or RAINN to help those in need. As it stands, a percentage of all revenue from Brewed Hope and related endeavors is already donated to those organizations.

The Job Seeker Prep includes:

-Networking tactics to FIND the job

-Resume and cover letter review and feedback to EARN the interview(I do not design your resume, but teach sustainable skills)

-Mock Interview to CALM your nerves and POLISH your skill showcase

-Follow-up for progress on all of those areas

If this resonates with you, reach out to to discuss this or other customized options.

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