Pig Pounder Brewery

Character and characters. This brewery has plenty of both.

Character? In their newly remodeled pavilion, nearly every time I stop in they have added a new wall piece painted by a local artist. So many styles, some with spray paint, a controversial 3-D of our current president (more on that later), and even one awesome bathroom piece that you’d never guess was done with Sharpies.

Characters? The whole staff is incredibly friendly. Their welcoming ways made me feel right at home immediately when I visited them as the first brewery after I moved back east from Illinois to Greensboro, North Carolina. From head brewer Khalif, bartenders Tony and Jarl, to taproom manager Cassie, the whole team is super nice and love to engage with the patrons whether on the topics of beer (shocking, right?), life, or anything else that comes up. It’s a genuine and refreshing vibe vs the forced interaction or even standoffishness of some better known breweries, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

With twice-a-week yoga classes on Sundays and Wednesdays, and stroller barre on Mondays and Thursdays, there’s no shortage of wellness events at Pig Pounders Brewing.

Just this summer they also hosted a 5k Run as part of Trivium’s Race The Bar run series here in Greensboro. I took part, and enjoyed every sweaty minute of it. No pictures of that, to maintain my winded dignity.

Add in the ping pong, darts, and bag toss games and there’s something for everyone. On the less physical side, but still social, they even do weekly trivia on Thursdays and the occasional Magic: The Gathering tournament for those of us on the nerdier side (ME! Wear it proudly!)

Recently there has been a bit of controversy surrounding one of the art installations I mentioned earlier.

I can’t speak for whether it has actually impacted business, for better or worse, but personally I greatly appreciate it on a few levels.

I love the commentary. I understand that some prefer to leave politics out of their drinking time, but for many it’s exactly the opposite. A favorite quote of mine is “All great change starts at the dinner table.” I believe that quite similarly it can start over a beer, and therefore this isn’t a topic to shy away from. It’s a similar sentiment, as change takes conversations. That’s exactly Brewed Hope’s mission, albeit on the mental health front rather than broadly political, so I imagine that’s why it speaks to me.

The dialogue about whether this is objective art or biased commentary is fascinating to me. View through one filter and you see Donald Trump, the current United States president. Viewed through the other, a pig. Is the pig meant as the insult some right-leaning patrons and Facebook crusaders see it as? It’s much tougher to make that argument in a place called Pig Pounders where the beers are pig themed and piggies are generally put in a positive light.

Either way, it’s hard to deny the incredible talent involved in creating this piece. Not your cup of tea, er….pint of beer? That’s fine, sit somewhere else. There’s plenty else to ‘see’ in this charming venue:

As I write this post, I’m sitting here in the Pig Pounders Pavilion enjoying a delightful pint of their Local AF IPA. It’s quite tasty and not overly hoppy. Check them out on Untappd for their current menu and info.

Be sure to send us your recommendations for other breweries to explore and spotlight. As always, you can email your feedback and ideas to Anthony@BrewedHope.com.

And now I’ll leave you with a few more fun pics of their new pavilion digs. But don’t worry, I haven’t spoiled it all, so be sure to stop in for a pint and check it out. Until next time, cheers!

Anthony Buchanan

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