Appalachian Mountain Brewery

This visit has been a long time coming. Appalachian Mountain Brewery not only has fantastic beer, but is highly involved in philanthropy AND is a perfect tie-in thematically for my plans to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. This past weekend Brittney and I had the opportunity to go out to the Tennessee/North Carolina border for a section hike to test our new gear, and so of course we had to plan our hiking location around a brewery stop. What more fitting one than AMB?

Everything. Was. Delicious. We each had a flight (don’t worry; those weren’t both mine), and it was quite difficult to choose a favorite, including their ciders from Appalachian Mountain Cidery. Their Cimosa was the clear winner for Brittney. On the cider front I’d have to go with their ginger infused The Roots, and on the beer side the Bad Mother Pucker sour (only partially because puns), and their porter. The Porter, straightforwardly named, was not nearly as generic as I would have guessed, but had a fantastic smokiness and taste of both coffee and chocolate that stood out from the porter pack.

The taproom is pretty damn cool. We loved the atmosphere and all of the art. It’s a very laidback setting, with the garage style roll up door opening out to the yard area where they had both tables and miniature golf.

From the door and their website: “Our Mission: To Sustainably Brew High Quality Beer, Support And Revitalize The Communities Of The Appalachian Mountains, As Well As Lead The Country By Example, Towards Fulfilling The Potential We All Possess. SUSTAINABILITY. COMMUNITY. PHILANTHROPY.”

AMB hosts regular biking AND running clubs, which speaks to me deeply. If only we were local. They also host a regular Pints For Non-Profits program, giving back a portion of proceeds from pint sales to various local non-profits. Sales of their cans both on-site and in stores go to the We Can So You Can charity they started to support sustainability and revitalization.

Small touches like their covered bike barn and solar panels make a difference as well. It’s clear from spending any time there or even on their website that this is a genuine desire to make a difference that is infused into everything they do, not a quick gimmick or shtick. Kudos to AMB for all that they do for the community.

….and for all those tasty beers and ciders they keep brewing up. Yumm.

And finally, in case it wasn’t clear from this post, we did survive our night on the Appalachian Trail.

So there was only one place to go to celebrate:

If there are other breweries and coffee shops you know of that support the communities around them, please reach out to me at or on Facebook. We’d love to add them to our itinerary. Until next time, cheers from Brewed Hope!

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