Preyer Brewing Company – Greensboro NC

Greetings from Anthony and Brittney at Brewed Hope! We’re here with a quick shout out to Preyer Brewing Company, one of our favorite local spots in downtown Greensboro NC.

We’re celebrating the next phase of Brewed Hope by releasing our first logo sticker into the wild, joining the brewery board at Preyer. Can you spot us? PLACEMENT HINT: We sure do love some mid-west beer and had to use the opportunity to get in right next to one of our must-stop spots from Wisconsin.





There it is! Next time you visit Milwaukee, in between stops for poutine and cheese curds (trust us), be sure to check out Lake Front Brewery. They offer a very fun brewery tour, one of the best we’ve been on, as well as a wide variety of tasty beers and some interesting souvenirs such as a local cheese infused with their coffee stout. It’s some good stuff. But enough about Wisconsin (for now); back to Greensboro!

If you’re up for one more picture search, see if you can spot our very own co-founder and renaissance woman*, Brittney Hryczaniuk, sipping on a nice refreshing gose in front of Preyer. They share a wall and cut-through for in-brewery ordering with their next door neighbor Crafted: The Art Of Street Food, who offers the best poutine we’ve found outside the mid-west. Granted that’s not saying much on its own merit because real poutine is hard to find out here, but trust us, their food is pretty damn good.

*official job title

Now what about the beer? Everything here is consistently solid or better, as attested to in this unsponsored post. They just make really solid beer consistently. We stopped in to try their one-day-only orange and kiwi infusion to their staple GSO-zuh Gose. It did not disappoint. Very refreshing and perfect for a relaxing summer night.

If you stop in be sure to look for their Caution: Hop Coffee Black IPA. A favorite of the staff, and one of my own all-time favorites, it’s worth grabbing no matter the season. My daily battle is determining whether it’s still early enough for coffee or late enough for beer, so any chance I have to multi-taste and combine the two is a time of bliss.

We dipped out pre-trivia, but their host Scott is always a good time on any given Tuesday evening. He will also be hosting The Great Preyer Bake Off on July 21st, in which our renaissance woman will be participating in an epic battle of hand pies. Watch for her write up on that and their…prior…Preyer cupcake bake off. I can confirm it was a delicious event and this one surely will be as well.

One last thing about Preyer, probably the most important one. They offer a great sense of community, with lots of fun events from live music to REI classes to Friday flight pairings and a Thursday night run club. They are always welcoming and friendly from mega-awesome bartender Jennie to run club host Charles. So stop in for a beer or two and be sure to say hi.

Thanks for joining us on our latest Brewery adventure. The first ten readers to share on facebook or respond in the comments can each be sent their very own Brewed Hope logo sticker.

Cheers, Friends! Take care of yourselves and each other.

Anthony Buchanan

co-founder and program manager

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