Brew Runs, Rides, And Walks

Whether you are a runner, brewery, coffee shop, or a craft brew fan, we want to hear from you with your ideas for running and cycling events involving your favorite spots around the world. If you are a brewery or coffee shop interested in hosting an event to support mental health awareness, reach out to us for potential partnership opportunities.

We are developing a number of events for all levels of interest and fitness. It’s not all about 10k runs and epic bike rides (but don’t worry, we’ll have those too). Even walking a block can make a significant impact on one’s mental state, and we encourage participation in many ways. Join us as we all Sweat For Change. And brews.

If you know of a brewery or coffee shop that currently hosts a running club or similar event, reach out to share information on how one can join or participate. We will be hosting a list of such events and also making plans to represent Brewed Hope at as many as possible.

Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and feedback! Reach out to or respond in the comments section.

And about the picture at the top? How else would one write for a beer site than with a beer in hand? Today’s post brought to you from Natty Greene’s Brewing Company Pub in Greensboro NC. One of the more well-known breweries in North Carolina, their taproom in Greensboro hosts a dozen drafts downstairs and a weekly remix or small batch brew on a special up-stairs ’13th Tap’. I’m a sucker for a limited time chance to try something new, so I’m currently sipping on a delicious green tea IPA from that very tap. Refreshing. ‘Time for another’ as the pint glass said. Up next is their oak aged Palm Tree Foreign Export Stout, my go-to when visiting Natty Greene’s. Until next time, cheers!

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